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Ticket Office
Admissions Ticket


The most important part of Admission Control Systems: The integrity of the contractor and their staff is paramount. Clients with this knowledge can be assured of a successful event(s).

Our bonded staff ensure that the Tickets, Reconciliations and associate Cash are professionally managed in providing start and finish records. We retain Chartered Accountants to oversee all such matters.

Ticket Checking
These staff must not be confused with Security personnel. Their roles are to physically check that all patrons entering a site have a legitimate, valid entry ticket, therefore ensuring maximum revenue. Our general blue-coated staff ensure that visitors’ tickets are checked (torn/ punched), or where required, exchanged for a wristband.

Ticket Supplies Or Systems
We are able to provide a complete Ticket Sale Solution for your Event. This would include book / roll tickets, wristbands and bar-coded print-outs. These Entry Control types are all subject to a closely monitored Audit Control.

Cash Handling
We are able to offer a complete Ticket Selling Service by providing the physical temporary ticket sale booths, floats, tickets and staffing. We use secure offices to protect our Operations.

Not happy with your Programme Sales?

We can arrange the distribution and selling of Programmes, Catalogues, Race Cards etc.

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