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Parking Steward


We provide uniformed Traffic Controllers to follow a pre-defined parking plan. This management is vital to ensure that the Public’s first and last impression of your Event is positive.

Most large events are held on Greenfield sites which have their challenges, as opposed to stadia which obviously have permanent facilities but where we also provide services.

Our Teams arrive days before an event to prepare the site and lay-out the Car Parks. Lay-out includes the use of stakes, ropes/ hazard tape, section/ row markers and standard signage. This enables us to delineate parking areas and fire avenues.

Our staff will direct your customers to a car parking space quickly and efficiently. Daily Traffic Counts are always made to enable you to make the necessary on-the-day assessments, particularly for exodus.

During vehicle exits we supervise the arrangements by overseeing queue management, maintaining good communication with the Event Site Control to ensure your customers have a happy experience at a busy time.

Risk Assessment is provided for all events.

Should you have insufficient on-site parking we can locate, set up and manage a Park & Ride scheme for your event. Whilst the Park & Ride facility is often not your customer’s “first visit”, we can help ensure that the movement is just a transitional part of your event.

We provide all types of signs as standard, both internal (e.g. Exit/ Disabled/ Members) and external for your event.

Our internal signing shows clear routing for in-bound and out-bound vehicles and demarcation for specified areas. Section Boards identify your parking areas and greatly help with any customers’ disorientation after a pleasant day.

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